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Valhalla Falcons (formerly Northwoods Falcon Ranch)Breeding Facility

Note: In the USA, you must be a licensed falconer to purchase a captive bred falcon. Contact your state fish and wildlife department for more information.

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Falcons for Sale in 2024—We expect a banner year!

We are off to a great start for 2024!  As of mid-February,  we are observing early courtship and even copulation of some Gyrfalcon pairs.  It is possible that all 12 pairs of Gyrs will produce young this year, producing over 30 young Gyrs.  This season we are going all out with a special diet of quail, rats, rabbits and chickens for all Gyr pairs.  The excitement is, there are some young pairs that may produce our most white to SUPER WHITE young as well as grey and very dark Gyrs.  We have already pre-sold a few Gyrs to customers in USA and the Arab Gulf.  It is possible that one buyer could buy all of our expected production of Gyrs between February and May.  If you want one or more young Gyrs this year, we encourage you to contact us now to place a deposit to make sure you don’t miss out.

Our many pairs of Peregrine Falcons (both Anatum and Peale’s subspecies) are also set for good to excellent production this year.  These are highly sought for bird abatement, gamehawking, racing and education programs.  Again,  place your order with a deposit now to make sure you get on our list before all are sold!

We will post falcons for sale here, on raptorsnest.com, raptorsforsale.com and Instagram (vahallafalcons) as they become available. It is also a good idea to contact us directly by email at northwoods@northwoodsfalconry.com or mobile phone (509) 564-9762 (WhatsApp) about your interest in buying a falcon.



Falcons for Racing

We have several pairs of parent Gyrfalcons that have produced young that have placed and won races in UAE since 2018 (the well-known ‘Los Angeles’ male) and three other Gyrs that placed high in Saudi Arabia races in 2019 through 2021. Winners in Saudi Arabia races were with male and female cousins to the ‘Los Angeles’ male and now a dark grey male from my large and dark ‘Vader’ pair. You may also want to try one of our female Peregrines.  


‘Los Angeles’ white male Gyrfalcon and ‘Vader’ grey female Gyrfalcon winning and placing in UAE and KSA races

Promotional video showing Valhalla Falcons, ‘Los Angeles’, male Gyrfalcon winning a race in Abu Dhabi and our falcons sold in Saudi Arabia auction

Valhalla Falcons

Valhalla Falcons is located in northwest USA near Spokane in eastern Washington. We have been breeding falcons for over 30 years and training and hunting with falcons and hawks for 52 years.


Brad and Debra Wood