Valhalla Falcons (formerly Northwoods Falcon Ranch)

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Valhalla Falcons Breeding Facility

We moved our falcon breeding project and home in late 2022 to 100 acres near Spokane, Washington. We are a 20 minutes drive from downtown Spokane and 10 minutes from Spokane International Airport.  The property is on the edge of thousands of acres of flat and rolling wheatland and Ponderosa pine forests.  At 2700 feet elevation, the view from our deck extends for miles in all directions.  This makes it a prime location for both hacking, flying and hunting.  We ship from Spokane International Airport for USA customers and from Seattle for international exports.  Customers in USA are also welcome to pick their falcon and ‘chew the fat’ and take in the view!  There is a Holiday Inn Express motel in Cheney, Washington, just 10 minutes from our property.  You will also be able to check this all out on video and photos coming soon on this website.

Breeding Facility and area

Our breeding facility is located in Northwest USA near Spokane, Washington. The climate is cool and snowy in winter and hot in summer with few temperature extremes. We find this climate excellent for breeding Gyrs and Peregrines.  Upland game in and around the dryland wheat and Ponderosa pine forests consists of Hungarian Partridge, California quail, pheasant, doves, starlings, pigeons, waterfowl and Cottontail rabbits.

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Species of Falcons for Sale

We offer several captive bred falcons, such as Gyrfalcons, Peregrine Falcons and Gyr X Peregrine Hybrid Falcons. You can choose the way your falcon is raised: Fully Parent Raised, Partially Parent Raised or Imprinted.


Peregrine Falcons


Valhalla male Gyrfalcon wins race in Saudi Arabia, February 2023!

Another Valhalla male Gyrfalcon wins in Saudi Arabia in February 2023!

Valhalla Falcons

Valhalla Falcons is located in northwest USA near Spokane in eastern Washington. We have been breeding falcons for over 30 years and training and hunting with falcons and hawks for 52 years.


Brad and Debra Wood